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This summer find the hottest and sexiest colors to look sexy. I can the hard part: choosing, easier over here. Listing the hottest pedicure colors.

Sizzling silver
Yeah, you got me right. There is something incredibly sexy, and even a little bit badass, about this metallic on toes.

Deep purples
I think deep toned purples and reds always look gorgeous and give new definition to toes.
Go with nudes or beige
This is silent but elegant. When tired of loud colors, it will give you peace in the hot summers.
Bring the sunkissed look to the nails as well.
Hot pink
Girls without pink….??? isn’t usual.
Some corals
Coral reminds me of beachy tropical paradise and its incredibly flattering.
A substitute for silver
Metallic but not silver or gold.
Pastel Colors
They are creamy and girly. Its nice alternative for neon.
Good luck!
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