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Am I pink or yellow. Understanding your skin and skin tone always prevents from beauty bloopers.

If you understand it and don’t like it, you can always try to change the way it looks. You efforts won’t go in vain.

To understand it better pink is referred to cool and yellow is referred to warm.

The basic difference between two is pink toned skin freckles fast, prone to acne rosacea, blush easily, and, burn easily. These are general traits, of course exceptions are always there.

Yellow undertone is often found on people with sallow skin.

  • If your veins look green you’re yellow tone, if blue your pink tone.
  • If you burn easily then you’re most probably pink tone.
  • Still not sure apply pink toned face powder on half face and yellow toned another half. The one looks better and blends better is your skin tone.

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