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It’s time to consider some don’t to spare yourself from making these beauty mistakes.

1. Watch your lipstick

This blunder can ruin all your preparations for looking good and confident. Rather than doing good  it will damage the look. It looks clumsy.

2. Avoid glycolics and retinoids

Avoid using glycolics and retinoids 3 days before and after getting done facial waxing. These ingredients are found in anti-aging treatments and peels. They make your skin more sensitive.

3. Don’t for airbrush tanning

Don’t wear moisturizer before and after airbrush tanning. Which only creates a barrier and hinders the color from fully absorbing into your skin.

4. Over washing your face

Over washing your face can strip the moisture from your skin. It makes your skin dry. 

5. Shimmer eyes
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Wearing shimmer on eyes can show you older. When you age avoid using a shimmer eye shadow, it highlights wrinkle lines. Rather choose a matte eye shadow, also opt for a colored shadow to apply to the crease of your lids to give the illusion that your lids are receding for a more wide-awake look.


6. Plucking your own eyebrows


Many women pluck their eyebrows and they make it too thin for their feature. Eyebrows shape your face and you should consult an expert.


7. Untidy makeup brushes


You must clean your make up brushes once a week. Untidy make up brushes can bring you unwanted skin problems such as acne, sensitive skin, infection etc. Use a few drops of shampoo, rinse thoroughly, and then lay flat on a paper towel to dry.



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